Wedding Pre-Orders

Wedding Pre-Orders

Getting married in 2023/2024 and beyond?

If you would like to place an order, but don’t have your complete guest list yet, we accept pre-orders!

Why pre-order?

By pre-ordering, you can hold our current price (including discounts), which protects you against price increases from the following;

– Inflation

– Increased material costs

– Increased labour costs

You are welcome to use promotional discount codes / offers when pre-ordering.

How do I pre-order?

To place a pre-order, simply write ‘TBC‘ on your order where the website asks for your names/personalisation.

When you have your complete guest list, just hit ‘reply’ on your Confetti Print email confirmation, and list all your required names in the body of the email. One of our team will acknowledge receipt of your name submission within 1 working day.

Name submissions are required no later than 4 weeks before your big day as during peak times our lead time can be up to 3-4 weeks. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at

Please be aware that if you put TBC on any part of your order, we do not part-ship orders, everything will be made and sent once we have received your outstanding names. If you require other items sooner, please order these separately from your pre-order.

Pre-orders must be made for the minimum quantity you know you will require. If when submitting your names you require a few more, we are able to offer them at the price paid at the time of pre-ordering. The quantity that this is applicable to is completely at the discretion of Confetti Print and will not be applicable on an increase of more than 15% of your original order.