Personalised Children’s Box


Personalised Children’s Box, ideal as a Baby Box, Christening Box, Memory Box or Toy Box.

Approx 30cm wide and 24cm deep x 12cm high.

Made from 6mm Medite MDF.

The lid has a lip on the inside to hold in place and will be sent fully assembled.

If painted, we will stick the wording and chosen shapes on for you before sending but if wooden, we will leave them ready to paint and stick on at home.


Please enter the personalisation required and include any apostrophe if necessary as they will be cut as written e.g. Lily’s

Style of Text * 

Please select the required style for the box.

Additional Decorative Shapes * 

Please select the deisred shape. They are designed to be attached at opposite corners of the box lid.

Wording and Shape Finish * 

Please select the required finish for the wording and shapes. Default is wooden.

Box Finish * 

Please select the required finish for the name. Default is wooden and painted options are an additional cost.