Blocks Birthday Wooden Post Box


Wooden MDF (6mm) Blocks Birthday Post Box

The box arrives fully assembled and painted Green with Brown Lettering.

The size is approx. 43cm high x 20cm wide x 20cm deep. It is made from 6mm thick MDF with 3mm thick detail/lettering. There are 2 Letter slots, one on the front and a larger one on top for bigger cards. The front slot is 14.5cm wide x 1.5cm high. The slot on top is 18.5cm wide x 2.5cm high.

The Post Box also has a hinged lid so you can easily get to the cards inside or use it to put larger items inside.

The card holder is 11cm x 11cm so you can print your own greeting.


Please confirm amendments to the name ‘LAWSON’ and ‘L G’ Initials.

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