60cm Light Up Letters


60cm light up letters ideal for Weddings, Parties, Christmas etc.

Only letters A-Z plus the ‘&’ and ‘#’ characters are available initially. These are designed to hang or stand propped against a wall or other stable item. Comes with 20 warm led lights which simply fit into the pre designed holes. Depending on the letter there may be unused lights which can simply hang at the rear of the letter.

The Letters are approx 60cm/2ft high and up to 40cm/1.4ft wide, made from 6mm MDF.

All letters are capitals and the number of LED bulbs varies between 8 – 20 depending on the letter. The battery pack takes 2 x AA batteries which can be purchased. Please order the total number of letters required. e.g. for ‘M & R’ please order 3 letters.

Comes standard in a wooden finish, painted options are available, only the front will be painted.



Please enter the Letters required (available A-Z, &) and ensure the quantity is set correctly.

If there is a sale currently on the price of the batteries will be discounted in the cart automatically.

Finish *

Please select the required finish for the Letters. Default is wooden and painted options are an additional cost, only the front will be painted. If there is a sale currently on, the price of the paint will be discounted in the cart.

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